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What is Incense?

Incense can be described as a material that produces pleasant aroma when burnt or to be simpler one can say diffusing of aromatic spices and gums. Use of Incense is very old to humankind and in earlier days was considered sacred offering.

Hindu, Christian and Buddhist traditions have a very close bonding with the practice of burning Incense way back. It is considered very sacred, spiritual, healing, uplifting and soothing art for the body and soul.

When aroma is blown out from some gums and spices when burnt, it gives a pleasing perfume, it purifies ones mind, keeps them alert, awakes your thoughts, and heals body.

Here we will see some important facts about Incense, removes uncleanliness, helps to meditate, its brings in peace, age does not change its efficiency, and it does not harm and that’s you call INCENSE.

Incense is used from long time and even some of the incense recipes are hundreds of thousands of year old. It has a close relationship with worship and meditation.

However, incense has its root back in Stone Age, when humankind first started using fire, burning wood and certain woods gave a pleasing smell, which further effected mental state of mind. Its really not known much about this practice but incense was used in very culture and tradition in one or another ways.