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Aromatherapy for Allergy
Allergies, which are reaction of our any body part to the substances that we assume that they might not be harmful. Here our immune system comes to picture and try’s to guard our body but if we are to strong from inside or are immune to allergies we will start sneezing.
About Revitalize: In case of devitalized skin, wrinkles and lines appear on the skin, It is dehydrated, loses its suppleness, tone and firmness. the tissue sagging appears.
Skin shows our inner health. However, there are lot skin disorders that are formed due to over production of sebum. Acne is one of them and is an inflammatory skin disorder that happens due to sebaceous glands secreting too much oil. We know oil flows from our glands to skin but sometime it happens that dead skin cells accumulate them and block the pores of the skin.
About ecoplanetstore
Transforming your daily skincare and beauty routine into a deluxe and wholly beneficial experience. As aromatherapy experts, our vision has remained constant over the years– sharing the power and magic of therapeutic effects of natural essential oils. Our highly acclaimed blends have gained recognition across the beauty world for their transformative effects on the mind, body and skin.
Aromatherapy and Mind Control
Stress Stress is nothing but a reaction to a physical, mental or emotional stimulus where the body's natural balance is disturbed. Stress may or may not come in a form of some disease. It may be just a feeling and one may find that he is not able to cope with the challenges and pressure of life. Hence, it should be treated soon to avoid major health problems. Stress related symptoms could be due to physical or psychological reasons. Physica
Eating to Be Healthy and Lean
Everyone thinks that what you eat is key to controlling body weight. And that’s true … sort of. Americans are eating bigger portions and drinking more liquid calories than ever. There is no doubt that this bump in calorie intake has contributed to obesity.