essential oils application

Skin Oils
Essential oils may be added to a base to be used as SKIN OILS. These are balancing compositions consisting of a blend of pure essential oil designed to be massaged on to your face skin, body, and scalp or added to the bath water. Due to their inherent antiseptic, antibacterial, anti toxic and skin rejuvenating properties, pure essential oils have come to be recognized as the most natural and beneficial form of skin care. Each composition is created with a unique blend of pure essential oils that refresh and uplift your senses and cater to specific beauty needs.

Hair Oils
Hair condition suffers due to lack of nourishment, bacterial/fungal infection and environmental pollution. Common hair oils are unable to penetrate the skin of the scalp and reach the hair follicles. Pure essential oils on the other hand, when added to a suitable base oil, can easily permeate and reach the hair follicles due to their fine consistency and inherent properties. This helps to transmit nourishment and provide relief from infection. The inherent antibacterial, antiseptic and anti fungus properties help to remove infection from the hair follicle and the skin of the scalp besides providing required nourishment, thereby promoting hair growth and stoppage of hair loss.

Body Oils
Pure essential oils have several medicinal and therapeutic properties and have been so used since ancient times. Essential oils are known to be antiseptic, antibacterial, anti viral, anti toxic and anti inflammatory. They also have stimulating, expectorating and circulatory properties besides others. Blends of essential oil formulations help to overcome various physical problems in the most natural way.

Mood Oils
The mood oils have a direct, instant and profound effect on the mind and emotions of an individual. The oils are endowed with a power to modify emotional behavior, stimulate positive feelings and control the negative ones, trigger pleasant memories and feelings. These oils enhance emotional equilibrium, relax, energize and promote sexual feelings as well.