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Background Of Aromatherapy

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The ancient Indian Veda says - yatha pinde tatha brahmande - which means "as is the man and so is the universe". Both Man and Universe are made up of the same five elements - space, air, fire, water and earth. Thus, as is the space inside us, so is space in the universe. (Radio-isotopic studies in U.S.A. reveal that 99.99% of us is emptiness); as is the air element in the human body, so is it in the universe; as is fire in the form of metabolic heat in our system, so is fire in the form of sun and stars outside. So on and so forth.

At a very micro-level (quantum level), human beings are nothing but information and energy and so is the universe. Human beings are in constant exchange of information and energy with the universe.

But of the total information (100%), we receive 83% from the eyes, 11% from the ears, 31/2% through the nose, 1% from the skin and 11/2 % by the tongue.

Knowing the basis of our being, that is, information and energy, the ancient seers concluded that that there should be constant and perfect harmony in the exchange of this information and energy. This is necessary for good health and healing.

Even, the Father of modern Medicine, Hippocrates, said - Nature cures, not the physician; he merely supports.

Therefore, we have Pranayama in Yoga for better exchange of the air element and Chromotherapy for better exchange of the fire element. Consequently, the seers realized that the 31/2% exchange of information and energy that takes place through the nose could be utilized to promote health and well being.

Thus, Aromatherapy was born for a better and useful exchange of smells to promote well-being. Actually, all of the traditional mind/body and exclusively mind and body techniques are basically for a better exchange of information and energy for health and healing.