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Skin shows our inner health. However, there are lot skin disorders that are formed due to over production of sebum. Acne is one of them and is an inflammatory skin disorder that happens due to sebaceous glands secreting too much oil. We know oil flows from our glands to skin but sometime it happens that dead skin cells accumulate them and block the pores of the skin.

Acne can happens from lot of things, like from allergies, high fat diet, digestive problems, pollution, no hygiene, stress, and monthly menstrual cycles and may be from use of cosmetics. However, the exact cause is still not known.

 Symptoms for Acne can be easily seen on the skin, swelling, rashes, redness, or any sudden mark appeared on the skin. Mostly acne occurs in adolescence and ends when adolescence ends but if continues, it should be treated on time to prevent scars. However, in adulthood due to hormonal imbalance or steroids, acne grows very quickly. For that purpose, one should see the skin specialist immediately.

aromatherapy for acne

 Aromatherapy For Acne

Aromatherapy is very useful for skin disorders and the essential oil that are use in treatment are anti-inflammatory.

 Cajuput, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Patchouli essential oils are used to heal acne. These oils help to reduce discomfort, swelling and rashes on the skin. How to use them, well essential oils should be mixed with some carrier oil (grape seed etc.) and applied to skin. These blends should be used three times a day. Lite massage is also very effective; mix few drops of essential oil to the fragrance free cream or lotion and message. Other way is to add some oil to the rose flower water and that should be used as a skin toner. These all methods are very effective but some precautions should be taken don't massage if your skin is inflamed and use carrier oil with essential oil to make dilute, if your skin is very sensitive.