diet myths

Top Ten Diet Myths

1. I can’t eat carbs.

According to dietitian Joan Salge Blake, your body needs at least 100 grams of carbohydrates a day to function properly. Get the scoop about low-carb diets like The Zone Diet, and learn more about the normal daily carbohydrate intake for an average person.

2. If I slip up once, my whole diet’s blown.

A splurge is just a bump on the road to your weight loss goal. The important thing is to understand your reasons for overeating and to continue with your plan. Keep a food log to help monitor your progress.

3. Eating after 6 p.m. is a no-no.

Your body doesn’t use calories any differently at night than it does during the day, says dietitian Joan Salge Blake. What counts is total calories.

4. I can never eat dinner out again.

By choosing wisely and keeping portion sizes in control, you can eat out without breaking your diet. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind!

5. Alcohol is a diet-killer.

Moderation is the name of the game. Though alcohol contains no fat, the calories can add up quickly if you don’t keep a lid on the amount you drink.

6. I have to swear off sugar.

You don’t have to go on a sugar-eliminating diet to lose weight, but it is a good idea to cut down on the white stuff and to satisfy your sweet tooth in small doses.

7. Snacking is forbidden.

A healthy, low-fat snack helps fuel your day and can ward off bingeing. But watch out for snacking as a response to stress or boredom.

8. I can’t eat fast food.

Most fast food joints offer smarter options on their menu, like McDonald’s grilled chicken menu, so you can still eat well on the run. Plus, keep in mind that fast food doesn’t have to mean a drive-through; try these ideas for Cuisine Quickies.

9. Diets are expensive.

Switching to a heart-healthy, low-fat diet actually helps you save money by steering you away from pricier grocery items like meats and snack foods. Here’s how to keep both your body and your expenses lean.

10. Counting fat grams will help me lose weight.

Counting fat grams is a good way to keep your daily fat intake under the recommended 30 percent of calories. However, eating extra servings because they’re fat-free still packs on extra calories. Calories are still where it’s at when it comes to weight control.