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About Essential OIls

About Essential OIls

Bimal Das Jan 1, 2020 Wellness and Beauty 0 Comments

Essential Oils

These are extracted from flowers, herbs, barks, fruits and spices by either steam distillation, simple pressure or even by dissolving in solvents. These have been called the 'lifeblood of plants' as they contain the healing properties in a very potent, concentrated form.

In this website, you will be made aware of the various kinds of essential oils, their unique properties and the specific uses. You will be educated on how to extract oils and make your own blends.

You will understand the different methods of usage. These oils have a very potent capability to alter moods and psychological states. Read about several recipes to use these specifically as mood stimulants.

Lastly, this site has been conceived as a comprehensive information resource. Keep coming back to see updates to this every now and then.

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