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Sandalwood OIl Skincare Aromatherapy Products

Sandalwood OIl Skincare Aromatherapy Products

Bimal Das Dec 13, 2021 Wellness and Beauty 0 Comments
Sandalwood Skincare
Don't let winter rob your glow! Use sandalwood for soft, moisturised skin. Reduce signs of aging and get glowing skin with this remedy.
Winter is soon approaching and your skin probably hates the weather. Dry and flaky skin accompanied by itching is quite a common complaint during winter. Skin lotions contain a host of harmful chemical, with a natural ingredient or two thrown in. While it may moisturise the skin to some extent, the chemicals may cause harm too.
Sandalwood is amazing for treating dry skin caused due to harsh weather or chemicals. In fact, sandalwood also helps in dealing with flaky skin caused due to skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. Its emollient properties provide the skin with the necessary moisture and keep the natural oils of the skin intact by preventing dryness. The active ingredients of sandalwood is santanol, which helps in shrinking the pores and acts as a natural toner, reducing the signs of ageing.
Sandalwood infused all natural skincare products https://cutt.ly/sYQfeG9
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